Sustainable Livelihood Action facilitates a range of research, training and consultancy services to support the livelihoods of rural communities through the development of practices to ensure the sustainable management of their resources including strengthening of the economic functions of these resources.

Food Security, Poverty Reduction and Livelihood Development
• Enhancing sustainable natural resource dependant income generating activities
• Empowerment of women in management of natural resources
• Livelihood development and market analysis / Value chain development
• Socio-economic analysis of natural resources use;
• Protecting natural resources / landscape ;
• Facilitating (indigenous) technology development and dissemination

Management of natural resources
• Participatory planning and collaborative management
• Restoration and rehabilitation;
• Multiple land use practices for sustainable use;

Institution and Policy Development
• Local institutional capacity building
• Stakeholder assessment and institutional analysis;
• Awareness raising and dissemination activities;
• Participatory assessment and policy development;
• Training and capacity development

• Multi-stage facilitation (research – planning – implementation);
• Socio-ecological Systems analysis;
• Ecosystem service assessment;
• Biodiversity assessment and environmental monitoring;
• Hydrological monitoring and modelling;
• Livelihood asset analysis;
• GIS, spatial analysis and environmental modelling
• Indigenous knowledge assessment and facilitated exchange;
• Institutional analysis

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