Sustainable Livelihood Action is an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). It is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2001. This arrangement allows organisations of different types to become members and work together towards specific goals despite their different legal statuses.

The Sustainable Livelihood Action core members include:

  1. Inter-Actie Foundation, an international NGO based in the Netherlands
  2. University of Huddersfield, an academic institution in the UK
  3. Capricorn Projekt BV, a Netherlands based consultancy firm

Sustainable Livelihood Action has been formed particularly to enhance the synergy between field research and implementation capacity. It facilitates collaboration between different levels:

  1. local NGOs supporting community-based initiatives;
  2. international institutions involved in development co-operation and international conventions;
  3. government agencies involved in natural resources policy and management;
  4. research organisations concerned with sustainable resource management.

Sustainable Livelihood Action functions as a key player connecting the capacities needed for the implementation of projects aimed at institutional development and human capacity building.

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